New documents released in PCT 6 race show casino spending

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New documents released in PCT 6 race show casino spending (KTRK)

Longtime law enforcement officer Rick Gonzales wants the job of former Harris County Precinct 6 constable Victor Trevino.

"I want to protect this community from what might happen in the future. I'm running against Sylvia Trevino," Trevino said.

He'll have to beat the wife of the now-convicted former constable.

Victor Trevino's lifetime in law enforcement came to an end in late 2014, he pleaded guilty to misusing charity money between $20 and $100,000 donated to kids and seniors on the East End.

Silvia Trevino was by his side as he learned he would serve 10 years' probation.
Now she's campaigning for the job.

"No matter what obstacle you have faced in your life. I just want you to know you have to look into your heart and know the person that you are," said Silvia Trevino.

Trevino's plea documents subpoenaed by the Harris County District Attorney's Office never went public in the courtroom as evidence.

But Gonzales wants the public to see them.

"We can not gamble with Sylvia Trevino," Gonzales said.

Casino records show the couple traveling together between 2008-2011 to L'auberge du Lac in lake Charles, Louisiana, often on the same days the charity checks were cashed.

Players cards show their gambling history one of the largest nights in October 2009: $15,371.

"My wife and I would be the only ones who went to the casinos. I never went by myself and she never went by herself," Trevino said.

ABC13 asked for a response to her opponents speech today, she wasn't at her home, but said in a statement:

"It is unfortunate that my Republican opponent continues to spread lies, those of which I will not dignify with a response."

But Silvia Trevino has not addressed what she may or may not have known. We should note she was never charged with any wrongdoing or called as a witness.

And as her husband serves his probation, he stands beside her at campaign events.

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