Neighbors at odds over woman's anti-clown sign

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This woman has had enough of the clowns.

Susan DiBartolomeo's position against clowns has made her the talk of the neighborhood.

The mother of two says she is putting up a sign banning clowns from her doorstep this Halloween after months of frightening clown sightings and hoaxes.
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A string of scary sightings has officials offering warnings ahead of Halloween season

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A mother said she had to fight off a man dressed in a clown suit in Concord to keep him from snatching her 1-year-old daughter Wednesday afternoon.

DiBartolomeo says she's worried the clown trend will desensitize children to real dangers after law enforcement says there is the potential predators wearing clown masks may try to lure kids into the woods.
"It's going to be a tough one to word," DiBartolomeo says of her anti-clown sign, "but we're definitely going to put something up."

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Her neighbor, Brett Mill, thinks she has every right to ban clowns, but not the spirit of Halloween.

Brett's son, sixth grader Ryland Mill, is going to dress as a clown after all the national attention.
"As soon as someone started making scary stuff about clowns, everybody started joining in," Ryland Mill said.

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The scary business of a few could harm the business of bringing joy to others

School districts across Colorado have warned parents about threatening hoaxes involving clowns.

DiBarolomeo says she realizes many of these incidents are hoaxes, but it only takes one bad seed to spoil Halloween.

"A lot of it's a hoax, I agree with that, but there's going to be people that don't find it a hoax and are going to use it for something that's not a good thing," DiBarolomeo says.

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