ONLY ON 13: Deputy's roadside prayer creates lifelong bond with family

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Deputy creates bond with family after praying with them, Mayra Moreno reports. (KTRK)

At just two years old, little Michael Aydan has been through more than anyone could ever imagine.

"He had four open heart surgeries by the time he was six months," said mother Jacquelynne Olmedo. "And the fourth one was a heart transplant."

He accepted his tiny new heart with no complications, but just a week ago on their way to Texas Children's Hospital, Olmedo noticed Michael started turning purple.

"I know he was right there to help us because if he wasn't there I wouldn't have made it to the hospital with them," said Olmedo.

Harris County Precinct 5 Deputy Manuel Edwards happened to be working traffic control on the Beltway near Westpark. Olmedo pulled up behind him in a desperate panic.

"I can only imagine what he was thinking," she said.

"First all I wanted to do was calm her down a bit," Edwards said.

Olmedo said he did something she never would have expected.

"He called for help and then he just grabbed my hand and said that God is with us and this is gonna pass," she said.

In that moment of prayer, a miracle happened.

"The baby started moving around like nothing happened and I really think at that moment it really did something," she said in tears.

Olmedo never thought she'd see the deputy again but to her surprise, hours later he walked in the hospital room with his sergeant. They had toys and balloons.

"It makes you realize there's good officers out there," said Olmedo.

Michael's struggle hit home for Dept. Edwards because just a year ago he lost his granddaughter at just three months old.

"He has his moment where he can smile and do those things but with me I can't see my grand-baby," said the deputy in tears.

Olmedo says Dept. Edwards has gained a grandson and she hopes he and Sgt. Gonzalez get to see Michael grow up healthy and strong.

"We're always going to be a part of his life one way or another," added Sgt. Gonzalez.

The family is keeping track of Michael's progress on the "Prayers for Michael Aydans Miracle Heart" Facebook page.

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