Man walks away with pens worth thousands of dollars

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Thief steals pens from store in Rice Village, Tracy Clemons reports.

A man was caught in the act stealing high end ink pens out of a popular jewelry store in Rice Village.

Dromgoole's is known for its high end collectible ink pens. It's been in Larry Dromgoole's family since 1961.

"I've got pens that go up to $18,000. But Mont Blanc is by far my biggest brand," Larry Dromgoole said.

Christine Dromgoole says the thief was able to retrieve a key out of a drawer. She says the man managed to stick 11 pens Tuesday in his pocket that were worth about $7,000.

"Within 60 seconds he was in-and-out of the store with that much merchandise," she said.

They didn't notice the missing pens until Thursday when they went to do inventory. When the couple checked the surveillance video, they recognized the guy as someone who's been in the store before.

"What I don't think he banked on is that we do have working cameras," Christine said.

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