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Man dupes Boy Scout with fake $100 bill

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Deputies are investigating after a Boy Scout was ripped off outside a Walmart in Ocala on Friday night. (KTRK)

Deputies are investigating after a Boy Scout was ripped off outside a Walmart Friday night.

The 12-year-old victim was trying to sell snacks for his Boy Scout troop when a man came up and wanted to buy a snack.

"He seemed really slick," said Riley Couture.

He says the suspect wanted to buy trail mix, but only had a $100 on him.

Riley didn't know at the time that it was fake and ended up selling him the Trailmix and giving him $80 in change.

"This is money that they earn to do their summer camps, to buy their uniforms and activities and it irritates me a lot," said Riley Couture's dad.

Riley's dad says he went into the Walmart to report what happened and it turns out, the same man had tried to use that same fake $100 in there too, but the cashier wouldn't take it.

"They saw the opportunity. We were a little bit distracted and it raining and people coming in and out and they took advantage of us and I don't think that was called for."

He says he feels bad for Riley because now he's out a $100 and has lost his innocence too.

"I asked him what he did learn about this experience and he said not to trust people. That's not right. We're supposed to trust other people," said Riley Couture's dad.

"To be honest, I'm not wanting him to rot in jail for the rest of his life. But at least, don't steal from children," said Riley Couture.
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