Get a killer upper body workout with resistance bands

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Learn how to use resistance bands to get a killer upper body workout. (KTRK)

We all want to look and feel our best. Each week, we're sharing five tips, five items, five products, five ingredients, five steps, five minutes to a more fabulous you, which is why we call it Five to Fab!

Elastic resistance bands with handles have been an exercise must-have for some time, and they are incredibly effective. In fact, I work out with them at home, which is why I loved learning these exercises from Jack Owens at Dynamic Fitness in Pearland.

For all of these exercises, find a pole, rail or another sturdy surface and loop the band around until secure and with even resistance on each side.

  1. Floor Bridge Curls - Lie on your back facing the base for the bands with a handle in each hand. Lift lower body into a bridge, and squeeze glutes. Hold the bridge and do bicep curls with bands.
  2. Kneeling Chest Press - Facing away from the base where the bands are secured, put a handle in each hand. Kneel down, and perform a chest press.
  3. Squat Row - Facing where the band is secured, hold the band handles in each hand. Squat down, hold the squat, pull the bands back into a row, and stand up.
  4. Shoulder Press - Stagger legs so one is in front of the other, facing away from where the band is secured. With a handle in each hand, bring hands up to shoulders, and press hands up at a diagonal and back down to shoulders.
  5. Single Leg Lunges to Balance - Face where the band is secured with a band handle in each hand. Start with legs together, and bring one leg back into a lunge. As you come up, bring leg into a high knee to balance, and bring back down.

If you're interested in personal training, you can reach Jack at or 832-800-1859.

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