EXCLUSIVE: Parents say stranger offered drugs to kids at community pool in Cypress

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Parents say a man offered drugs to kids in Cypress, Lauren Lea reports.

Parents are warning their children to stay away from strangers after a man allegedly offered drugs to kids at the community pool in Cypress. The bizarre incident was captured by the facility's extensive surveillance system.

Jason Folk, a director with the Enchanted Valley HOA, said the two children reported that the man offered a blue pill wrapped in an orange peel at about 3:15pm Thursday.

"He said something along the lines of 'I have your arrow' and the kids luckily refused to take it," Folk said.

Eyewitness News obtained the exclusive surveillance video which shows the man pull up and park, then quickly go inside the pool facility. He blew off a lifeguard asking him to sign-in and made a beeline for the children by the diving board, ignoring parents at the other end of the pool. After the children refused the alleged drug, the man ran off and flagged down an approaching truck in the parking lot.

"He's got something in his hand, which looks like a rotten orange peel and he says 'do you want this?' And I said 'who are you?'" explained the woman driving the truck, who wanted to stay anonymous. The man immediately went to a black Mercedes and drove off.

The entire incident happened in less than two minutes.

"It was just a very strange situation and it does scare me," the woman said. "I hope that he gets caught."

Her son memorized the license plate number and she called authorities. The Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

Folk is warning other parents to talk about "stranger danger" with their children.

"I'm hoping people will tell their children to not take things from strangers. It could have been a very dangerous situation," he added.

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