Woman hit in parking lot: "I'm down on the ground begging people, I felt like a dog"

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A woman was left for dead in a SW Houston Walmart parking lot after a hit-and-run this weekend.

A southwest Houston woman was nearly killed in a Walmart parking lot over the weekend.

Yvonne Jones tells Eyewitness News all she wanted was a blouse when she went to the Walmart at the Beltway near Bissonnet Saturday evening. Moments after the U.S. Army veteran walked out the store with her bag in hand, she was hit by a car that was turning into the parking lot.

"I had no scars before this," Jones said.

The scars and casts remind Jones that she survived. She was walking in the parking lot when Houston police say a speeding car hit her from behind.

"I could have died," she said. "I'm down on the ground begging people. I felt like a dog. I was down on the ground saying please help me, somebody please help me. I'm bleeding. Some people just drove by."

Jones was transported to Memorial Hermann Southwest with major injuries. She has a broken neck, back and leg.

Police say it was a red Pontiac Grand Prix that hit her. She says a young black couple was driving, likely in their late 20s or early 30s.

"The lady had no remorse. The reason I say that is because I heard the guy tell her, 'You need to call the police. You gotta call.' He was on the passenger side," Jones said.

She says the woman ran off. Police tell Eyewitness News the man called 911, told Jones the police were on the way and then drove off.

"I thought he should've stayed until the police came," she said.

Her husband, Errol, says this is a perfect example of how quickly lives can change.

"She says she's in a lot of pain right now. I thank God for the pain because that means she's not paralyzed and it means she's not dead," he tells us.

Both Yvonne and Errol say they want these two caught -- but they hold no malice toward them.

"Accidents happen. They made a foolish mistake that's going to alter their life. I feel a lot of sadness for them, too," Errol said.

Yvonne spoke with us from the hospital in hopes police catch the couple who hit her and to warn people to watch their backs.

"I just wanna tell people they need to be very careful in these parking lots. Both, but mainly people driving because you can kill us," she added.

Anyone with information should call HPD's Hit and Run division at 713-247-4065.

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