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From Braids to Buns: Teaching dad how to style his daughter's hair

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From Braids to Buns: Teaching dad how to style his daughter's hair

When it comes to little girl's hair, most moms have nothing on this dad. From ponytails to intricate braids, this single father knows a thing or two when it comes to style. Now he's paying it forward by showing other dads how to do the same.

It's not your typical hair studio. It's here where 6-year-old Phoenyx models on center stage, as her father Jason Blackmon shows other dads hair basics.

"It's about building the bond over the braid," Jason said.

It all started with one simple style.

"One of her daycare teachers showed me my fish tail braid, how to do it. I came home, practiced that night, and nailed it," he said.

Within time, he learned other styles from how-to videos on YouTube.

"I don't know if it runs in the genes. My grandfather used to have his own hair salon. Maybe there's a little natural ability in there," Jason said.

After discovering a father in Florida who was teaching other dads how to do their daughter's hair, Jason started doing it in Houston.

"I really just start with the basics. I go over a little basic hair care maintenance on how to properly brush the hair, properly care for it. I will start off with a low ponytail, the high pony tail. Then, a basic braid," Jason told abc13.

The styles are simple for the most part, with no cutting required. Within an hour's time, the dads caught on quickly.

"The low ponytail, and that was the only thing I could do. So, I needed to figure out a way to do something a little different to have a little variation," Robert Harris said.

"In the mornings I look forward to doing her hair. Getting her off to school and she loves her hair and she feels pretty when it's done," Joseph Rayborn said.

"We usually spend about a half hour in the evenings, sometimes a little longer and she's just sitting there. But it's one of the things I enjoy," Jason said.

It's safe to say it comes with bragging rights as well, which is something to be proud of.

"Oh hey, did your mom do your hair? No, my daddy did it. You know, it's priceless," Jason explained.

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