Hundreds gather for prayer vigil downtown

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Demonstrators marched through downtown Houston on Sunday afternoon and called for an end to violence against all people.

Hundreds of people marched from Antioch Baptist Church downtown on Sunday evening to Houston City Hall as part of a prayer walk to end all violence. They came from different backgrounds and different faiths, but their prayer for peace binds them.

"It's hard to see young black men gunned down, it's hard to see anyone gunned down. It's not just young black men, but right now that's what we're dealing with, but anybody to lose their life. If you have any compassion in your heart, you're going to want to do something to help. I'm not sitting at home anymore," explained Myron Brooks.

They peacefully walked through the streets chanting for peace, unity and an end to bloodshed. City and community leaders denounced violence to police officers and everyday people. Some people in the crowd had signs with names of African Americans who died during or after encounters with police.

"It's important to recognize black lives do matter," said Haishat Alli.

Being part of such a big, peaceful movement meant a lot to people like Lauren Lockett.

"It was incredibly important just thinking about the struggles my great grandparents, my grandparents even my parents had. It meant a lot to me to be out here with my fellow Houstonians," she said.

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