EXCLUSIVE: Man accused of dragging kidnapped wife behind truck by a noose

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A local man is accused of kidnapping his wife at gunpoint, tying a noose around her neck and dragging her behind a vehicle.

A man accused of putting a noose around his estranged wife's neck and dragging her behind his vehicle is now charged with aggravated kidnapping. He has not been arrested yet.

Jonathan McKensy Smith, 34, is accused of abducting the victim on April 6, a week after she moved out of their home.

Court records allege Smith forced her into his car at gunpoint and said he was going to kill her and himself. The document details how Smith allegedly drove to El Campo, put a noose around her neck and tied it to the vehicle's trailer hitch. He then briefly dragged her behind the vehicle and then returned her to Houston.

A witness said Smith "admitted to almost killing" the victim, according to the document.

The woman was too afraid to show her face, but was brave enough to share her story. Her physical wounds have healed, but mentally, she is just trying to stay positive.

"Wake up every morning. Thank God that I'm alive," she said. "I know I want to move on with my life and move forward. "

"It's all about control. Women out there, if you have men like that, get away. You will become a statistic," said Charles McCarty, the victim's father. He encouraged parents to look for signs of abuse and be supportive of their children.

"I thought it would never happen to me because I thought I was protecting my kids. I was always there. But it happens. It can happen to anybody."

The woman filed for a protective order. Smith said Monday afternoon he was not aware of the charge.

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