VIDEO: Biker escapes death after truck flips on highway

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A motorcyclist told a bystander he knows it was a close call (KTRK)

A motorcyclist is lucky to be alive this morning after a close call involving a heavy truck.

A 10-second surveillance video from Fujian province in east China shows just how close the biker was to possible death.

The heavy-duty truck is right on the motorcyclist's tail when it begins to jackknife, spilling its load all over a busy highway.

The motorcyclist narrowly avoids a collision as the payload of what appears to be sand or soil is dispersed across the roadside.

A bystander, Mr. Bai, says he saw the whole thing.

"I first thought it was a car collision," Bai says. "I saw the motorcyclist was almost hit by the overturning truck."

Bai says the biker was frightened by what could have been a serious accident.

"The motorcyclist stopped his bike and looked back," Bai says. "He said while patting his chest that it was a close call and that it scared him."

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