Here are some tips every parent should use to prevent drownings

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Water safety experts urge parents to create a water safety plan.

Water safety experts are urging parents to put into place a water safety plan to prevent drownings ahead of one of the deadliest weekends on the water.

So far this year, there have been six drownings in Harris County. Historically, the county leads the state with the most drownings.

"It happened just that fast," said Jennifer Kasprzak. "Before I knew it I heard a splash. He fell right into the deep end of our pool."

Kasprzak's son Kaleb had a close call just weeks ago when he fell into the pool.

"Everything went totally black. I don't even remember how he fell in, what do you look like when he fell in. I was just running towards him," said Kasprzack.

Luckily, Kaleb knew what to do. He began floating on his back and was able to get out of the pool. He learned the floating safety, skill in swim school.

"You just never know what can happen," said Diana Lights whose daughter also had a close call and has the same training as Kaleb. "Knowing that she knew what to do, was a miracle. It's so terrifying to know that it's so quiet. It's not like in the movies where there is flailing and screaming."

Kids under the age of four are the most at risk of drowning and at-home pools are the most dangerous.

Here are some tips experts say every parent should use to prevent drownings:

1. Create a verbal cue that your child must follow before he or she is allowed to get in the pool.
2. Create a process for your child to go through before getting in the water like putting on sunscreen. That will keep them from just jumping right in.
3. Teach you child how to swim without goggles. This will be helpful if they fall in. They will know how to open their eyes and find their way out.
4. Always make sure children wear life jackets on boats and personal watercrafts in open bodies of water.

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