Girl, 13, receives lewd video on Facebook; more possible

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A disgusting and lewd video is sent to a 13-year-old girl on Facebook, and investigators are worried videos are being sent to more kids.

Trinity police are looking for a person who is sending explicit photos and videos to teens through Facebook.

A 13-year-old girl, who we are not identifying because of the nature of the crime, received several videos and pictures on Friday.

"I was violated and I didn't like it at all," she said.

She reported the incident to school officials at Trinity Middle School, who then contacted police.

Investigators say the communication happens through Facebook messenger from a profile by the name of "Paige Williams" who purports to be a teenage boy at Trinity High School. Police say no one by that name attends the school and that school officials do not recognize the boy in the picture. The 13-year-old who received the messages says she does not know the person in real life.

"They're sick. I don't know why they would want to do that," she said.

Trinity police have now discovered a substantial number of students in the area are Facebook friends with that same profile.

Investigators say the same person somehow got hold of access to another Trinity Middle school student's email. Apparently they used it create the fake profile.

Police took a screen capture from one of the videos, which they say shows the man performing a sex act. They are looking to identify that person.

"That person possibly has knowledge or may be the person that we're looking for," said Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones.

Police want parents to pay more attention to their teen's social media accounts, to look for anything suspicious. If your child is friends with "Paige Williams," Jones says, the profile should be blocked.

Police say they are waiting on information from Facebook, hoping an IP address will lead them to whoever is behind all this.

If you have any information which can help police you can contact Crime Stoppers at 936-642-2334.

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