Shootout at northwest Houston Sonic restaurant leaves 2 dead

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A shootout at a Sonic restaurant in northwest Houston has left two people dead. Jeff Ehling reports (KTRK)

Two people are dead after a gun battle at a Sonic restaurant in northwest Houston.

It happened in one of the drive-in bays at the restaurant on Wirt Road and Flowerdale Street around 9:45pm. Police say multiple shots,at least 10 to 20, were fired during what might have been a drug deal gone bad.

We know two people, both in their mid-twenties died during the exchange of gunfire.

Police say a silver Impala was in one of the drive-in bays when a blue Honda Civic pulled up.

Two men in the Civic got out and walked up to the Impala and at that point the driver of the Impala and one of the men from the Civic started shooting at each other.

Houston Police Sgt. Joshua Horn said, "So it looks like there was an exchange of gunfire, between our victim here, after that exchange of gunfire another victim collapses on the ground. It looks like suspects that are with that guy that collapsed on the ground grab him, load him up onto the blue Honda Civic, take him and leave."

That second victim was driven to a nearby hospital but died from his injuries. Police say the driver of the Blue Honda Civic then took off and is still on the run this morning.

Police say they found a small bag of marijuana and that might have been the reason for the shooting.

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