7 steps to preparing for possible inclement weather

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Forecasts predict even more heavy rain this weekend and The National Weather Service has already issued a Flash Flood Watch.

How can you prepare and keep your family safe?

    Check your property. Remove debris and if its trash pickup day, you may want skip it.

    Trim trees. Trim them enough that strong winds can filter through the branches and help avoid having the tree come down.

    Make sure all water is draining from your house to the street. If the outside of your property does flood, for instance around you're a/c unit or pool pumps turn off the a/c and even pool pumps at the breaker, and don't turn them back on until the water recedes.

    Don't drain your pool to compensate for flooding. Your pool is not a retention pond, so don't treat it that way; it could the pool to pop out of the ground.

    Place all of your documents together in one water-proof container. Even better if you can move them off property like in a bank deposit box.

    Keep your cell phone charged. Buy a portable backup charger in case the power goes out.
    Park on high ground. If you usually park on the street, think about bringing your car into the garage or driveway.

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