Burger King lets cancer patient have it her way on final wish

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A cancer patient's last wish was granted by Burger King (KTRK)

A woman says she was moved after a Burger King restaurant went out of its way to meet a cancer patient's last wish.

Jacki Traxler says her mother was only given three months to live after she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

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"She was just sleeping, wasn't getting up, just lying in bed," Jacki says.

And then, in her final days, Brenda Traxler spoke. She wanted a Whopper.

The Whopper, Jacki says, was her mother's favorite food.

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"She loved Whoppers," Jacki says, with a bittersweet laugh. "Double-meat Whoppers is what she loved."

Jacki called three separate Burger King restaurants at 4am. After two calls, the BK Lounge on 44th and Kenowa in Granville, Michigan agreed to make the sandwich.

The workers at the restaurant sent Brenda's daughter home with more than a sandwich, but a message of hope and love.

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FILE - In this file photo taken Aug. 23, 2010, the Burger King sign is seen at a store in Mountain View, Calif.

The Whopper was wrapped in its typical paper, but inside was a note. It read: "You Go Girl! Wooo!! Get Well Soon!"

"I dont know who did it to this day," Jacki says. "I thank God for her because...that was the best thing anybody could have ever did."

Brenda died at home two days after eating her Whopper.

"It was the most amazing thing in the world," Jacki says. "I'll never forget it."

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