California high school students taunted anonymously over Twitter

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A high school in Livermore is taking action after a series of mean posts appeared on social media. (KGO-TV)

A California high school student is taking action after a series of mean posts appeared on social media. Cyberbullies mocked and even threatened some students.

The now-deleted Twitter handle livermoregossip called out students by name. Posts mocked people's looks, some used racial slurs, others were sexual.

"There have been more fights lately since these sites have popped up," said Kiersten Hottendorf, Livermore High School.

Livermore High School Junior Kiersten Hottendorf says her principal made a stern morning announcement.

"It was announced that anyone that was involved in the Livermore High School drama, gossip page or just sort of connecting with it they would be suspended and they also might be arrested," said Hottendorf.

The principal called the sites "disturbing" and in a letter, urged parents to talk to their kids about being responsible online.

"I said be careful what you read. And be careful what you put on there. If it's not appropriate let me know," said Maryanne Shadbolt, parent.

"It's just one more medium for them to use to bully other kids that's why I prefer to keep my son off of social media right now," said Eric Ikeda, parent.

Livermore police said they were asked to dispatch extra officers to campus, in case the gossip sparked any violence.

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