Father and son arrested in pre-dawn raid that included rolls of cash

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A father and son are among those arrested during drug trafficking raids Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning, ATF agents carried three large bags of cash from a Cypress rental house, the bills visible through the clear plastic. It's estimated those three bags contained more than $1 million.

The cash was one item of evidence taken from the home. Boxes of papers, presumably bank documents, cell phones and lists of contacts were loaded into waiting trucks.

Angel Solis, and his son, Angel Solis Jr. were taken by armed agents and loaded into waiting vehicles, preparing to be charged with drug trafficking, including production and distribution of crystal meth, money laundering and firearms trafficking.

The charges are tied to a drug network that operated in western Virginia and Kentucky in 2010.

A third defendant, Ysidro Juarez, was arrested at a relative's home near Cypress this morning.

Before the magistrate, Solis Sr blurted, "We were locked up back then(in 2010.)" The judge said he should inform his court-appointed attorney.

The million or so dollars taken from the house was seized by the ATF, and is unavailable to hire a private attorney.

The three defendants are expected to be transported to Virginia, where they were indicted and charged.

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