Traffic attorney blamed for bad driving after suspect steals company car

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A well-known traffic attorney is being blamed for bad driving after her car was stolen.

A well-known traffic attorney wants you to know that she wasn't driving erratically Wednesday evening, even though it may have looked like it.

Michelle Bradshaw-Ellis has a law practice in Deer Park with her father, Kenneth Bradshaw.

To advertise, they wrapped both of their cars with their names and the firm's phone number. They never thought one of the cars would be stolen.

Police say Jesus Javier Escamilla stole Bradshaw-Ellis' car Wednesday night while it was being serviced at Big Star Honda in Southeast Houston. He was arrested 10 miles away, outside Fry's Electronics in Webster. Police say he had the stolen car and several stolen items with him.

In the meantime, the attorneys have received more than 20 phone calls from angry drivers who say they witnessed erratic, dangerous driving.

"If that many people took the time to call, how many people didn't?" Bradshaw said.

"Not that I ever would, but if I was going to steal a car, I'm not going to go and steal a car that is the most recognizable car out of all the cars on the road," said Bradshaw-Ellis. "And then to go on a crime spree, like doing the things that the car you're driving against claims to defend against."

Escamilla has been charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle, but officials say more charges could be coming.

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