Local Islamic community react to attack in Pakistan

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Local Islamic community reacts to Pakistan bombing, Marla Carter reports. (KTRK)

After bloodshed in Pakistan, a local mosque held a blood drive Sunday as a way to fight terrorism.

"The color of blood is the same and I just wanted to use that as an example of our basic human unity," said Ejaz Houssain, the organizer.

He says what happened this week is exactly why we all must fight back.

Just ask Bejat Syed. He just returned from Pakistan three days ago.

His parents live there. While their home is hundreds of miles from the blast, it's close enough to feel the tremble of terrorism.

More than 60 people died, mostly children.

"You want to make sure your loved ones are safe and are doing well, even after that immediate comfort of hearing your family is okay it's no comforting, at the end of the day to see that other people have lost their lives and their children and lives," said Syed.

Still, despite the attack he does think things are improving in Pakistan.

"That country was in a form of denial. It would say that this can't be us, this can't be from us," said Syed. "But now they're very, very vigilant people actually tell on their neighbors."

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