Getting speed bumps for your street could get easier

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City council making it easier to get speed bumps in your neighborhood.

It was so close. There is video of an SUV almost slamming into the Robinsons' home. The Robinsons live next to a stop sign on Flamingo Drive. But they say drivers don't pay attention and speed through it.

Homeowner Jason Robinson said, "We can't even enjoy our grandbabies out here in the front yard like everybody else with them playing. They're confined to the house."

The Robinsons went to the city of Houston and asked for speed bumps to slow cars down, but got turned down. We asked council member Dwight Boykins about it.

ABC 13 asked him, "I mean, there is surveillance video that we have of an SUV coming up on her grass, almost hitting her home. At at what point more proof do we need that something needs to be done?"

Boykins responded, "Let me be clear I guarantee you that happened before I got here."

"I got you, that happened before you took the job. But still, is there any way that her situation could be bumped up on the list?"

"I'm going to do my best to make sure it's fair to her as well as everybody else. "

Council member Boykin says he will check out the Robinsons' house next week.

You could get faster answers about speed bumps now. Instead of waiting almost a year for public works to analyze the neighborhood, the process good now takes six to nine weeks. The final approval now goes through your council member.

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