Residents along San Jacinto River brace for flooding

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The San Jacinto River has risen to the point that it's in people's yards and even a home. (KTRK)

For the second time in less than six months, the San Jacinto River has overflowed its banks, forcing riverfront homeowners to either evacuate their marooned houses on stilts, or to wait it out.

It's a way of life here on this section of river, just east of Highway 59 near Kingwood and Humble.

"It's not the worst flood," said Tim Bell. "Worse was when it was ten feet over my house."

And yet, most people stay.

The area began to take on water this week during heavy rains. What's causing river flooding is rainfall farther north and dam releases.

That triggers a round of preparation for people who live in this small community, within the reach of the floods. One neighbor cautioned another to beware of snakes, which were apparently trying to seek higher ground. Cars were moved to get out of the path of the water.

The one waterfront house that isn't on stilts became a casualty. Neighbors said the owner had just completed repairs from last October's flood, including new furnishing and a big kitchen makeover. It now has about a foot of water inside.

It's a way of life here, despite the almost-annual flooding events, they say.

"People would buy here in a minute," said Denise Flores, who lives across the street on a raised lot which was dry today. When asked about how they would get financing, she replied, "they pay in cash."

"Who wouldn't want to live here," she asked. "You walk across the street, and you're looking at the San Jacinto River. It's beautiful."

The Harris County Flood Control District expects the water to begin receding early next week.

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