Thieves take off with $25K worth of lawn equipment

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Thieves steal lawn care equipment, Marla Carter reports. (KTRK)

In minutes a trailer carrying $25,000 in equipment and decades worth of hard work was gone.

"I can't even sleep at night. I'm just tossing and turning. What are we going to do?" said Delia Gonzalez.

Gonzalez owns a lawn businesses. Her family has worked hard to buy all of the equipment they need. She said it's devastating to have a thief take off with it.

"This happened within probably two minutes, that fast," said Gonzalez.

She was eating at restaurant off the North Freeway last week when her trailer was stolen. Surveillance video shows a gray car drive-by appearing to drop off the suspect. Within minutes, footage shows the suspect breaking into Gonzalez's truck.

"They took a screw driver and just popped it open. It was locked. It had a kill switch and the kill switch didn't work," added Gonzalez.

Seconds later the suspect drove off, stealing Gonzalez's truck and trailer. The gray car also followed the suspect.

Gonzalez called authorities and filed a police report. Officers have not made any arrests.

"Everything we've worked for. We've sweated for this. We're honest, hard-working people and someone wants to live off of someone else's sweat and hard work, that's not right," said Gonzalez.

Police did recover her truck. It was stripped down inside. The trailer and all the equipment is still missing.

Gonzalez says she hopes the surveillance video helps bring justice.

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