Car chase comes to end after suspects crash into Port-A-Potty in north Houston

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Houston police say as many as four suspects robbed a pizza restaurant in north Houston and tried to flee. But they crashed during a car chase.

Three robbery suspects are in police custody after a car chase came to a crashing end in north Houston.

Houston police say as many as four suspects robbed a "Pizza Patron" in the 200 block of Patton street at about 12:45pm. The suspects fled in a getaway vehicle and headed southbound on Cochran near Quitman, where they T-boned a vehicle in the intersection. That car rolled. Inside, an elderly couple who had just been on a casino trip to Louisiana and was headed back to their home in Austin.

"She's got a few bruises and bumps but doesn't feel real bad," said the female victim's brother, Gilbert Macias. He says they were taken to the hospital to be checked for minor injuries.

At least one suspect is still on the run. Surveillance video shows the robbers entering the business wearing, one with a hoodie, the other a Halloween mask. They jump the counter and move out of frame before coming back, grabbing the cash drawer and taking off.

The owner of that Pizza Patron says they also stole the necklace of one of his employees.

"It's terrible. It really is. It's bad," said owner Ron Ram.

Police located a mask, hoddie and that employees necklace in the suspect's vehicle.

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