Wendy's manager broke all windows in restaurant after gas leak hoax

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Wendy's manager told to break all the windows in gas leak hoax (KTRK)

A cruel hoax tricked an Arizona Wendy's manager into not only evacuating the restaurant's customers, but also shattering all of its windows.

Police said it all started when someone called the restaurant and claimed they were with the Phoenix Fire Department.

The caller, convinced the manager to turn on the fire suppression system, then claimed it had started a gas leak and everyone had to leave the restaurant.

The manager said, once everyone was outside, the caller said, "Break the windows of your restaurant. Right now."

According to police, the manager smashed all the windows and waited for the fire department to arrive.

Phoenix fire and police arrived on scene and determined the call was a hoax.

To make matters worse, police said this could be a trend.

Officers in Tucson, reported a similar situation at a Jack In The Box earlier this week.

Also, in California, cameras were rolling when a Burger King employee used his car to break the windows. The employee told police, someone called and claimed the store would explode if he didn't drive his car into the restaurant.

Phoenix Police said they are working leads to determine the identity of the mystery caller.

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