East Houston nursing home closure puts families in dilemma

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Residents at an east Houston nursing home are being told they have to be out by Friday, and families scrambling to figure out their next step.

When Richard Longtine came back to the Montebello Wellness Center Monday to see his 79-year-old mother Janette, she told him the east Houston facility is shutting down.

"It's unfair to the elderly, especially not having any notice," Longtine said.

And there's more families left trying to find a new home for their loved ones, who must be out by this Friday.

"My poor aunt was so upset and crying not knowing what to do," visitor RJ Juarez said.

Relatives are furious to say the least, saying it came from out of nowhere. They've been demanding answers but staff members haven't told tell them much.

They wouldn't tell us much either. The facility's spokeswoman issued a statement to abc13, which read"

"At present, Montebello is focused on taking care of the residents and their families, and we appreciate your courtesy as they do so."

We did some digging, and according to state officials, the Federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid recently conducted and investigation there. The findings caused the government to revoke Montebello's certification to receive Medicare and Medicaid funding and closed the place down.

On Wednesday night, we found families trying to move loved ones out, hospital beds being taken away and ambulances on standby to transport patience to new homes. Still, there's those like Mrs. Janette who still doesn't know where she's going to end up.

"She needs 24-hour care. Everywhere we're going to, beds are full," Longtine said. "Somebody's going to have to end up quitting their job to stay home and care for her."

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