Search underway for suspect in deadly double shooting in SE Houston

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Investigators are looking for the gunman who killed two people in southeast Houston.

The search is on for the man who shot and killed two people Monday morning.

It happened on the city's south side on Rosemont Street near Scott Street.

Family and friends tell us the suspect is the ex-boyfriend of the victim. That suspect reportedly came to the home early Monday morning and was let inside by the woman who lived here.

The suspect is then accused of shooting the woman and another man inside the home.

"I just don't understand how somebody, emotions can get that distraught over feelings and just, you take two good people's lives," neighbor Eugene Mathews said. "They were two good people."

Mathews says he heard the shooting early Monday morning, then saw the suspect leaving the home, the gun still in hand.

"Once he shot them, he came out and he took the clip out and he was messing with the firearm," Mathews said, "walking up the street, just walking up the street."

Mathews then went inside the home next door to help his neighbors.

"I began giving him chest compressions," Mathews said. "She obviously was, you know, when I walked in..."

"She was gone?" abc13 reporter Jeff Ehling asked.

"From a head wound," Mathews said. "And I thought that it was just a little wound, and he'd be okay, but.."

Houston Police say the victim let the suspect inside the home just before 4am.

"This occurred right as he was let in, so it was not something that went on a long struggle or anything like that," Shaun Sylvester said.

Police say they know who the suspect is, but they have not yet identified him publicly. The suspect's family however is asking him to surrender.

"All I want to do is make a plea to him if he sees this to turn himself in," Rev. James E. Nash of the St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church said. "That is the key right there."

Neighbors say the victims may not have even been romantically involved, and add that the woman who lived here recently made the suspect leave the home.

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