Special task force underway to provide care for horses

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Deborah Wrigley has the details of a horse clinic in north Houston.

Nearly three dozen horses were micro-chipped, given low-cost vaccinations and their owners given information on how best to care for their animals.

The event happened Saturday in Acres Homes and it wasn't a random location.

The north Houston community is said to be home to an estimated thousand horses. Though it's in the city, it maintains a rural way of life and horses are part of it.

Unfortunately, they're not all in good condition.

Earlier this month, one underfed equine was seized. The city of Houston, Houston Police Department, the Houston Humane Society, and Crime Stoppers focused their attention on the condition the animals that are found to be neglected are kept under. Owners began getting citations.

In one case, a stable was ordered closed until repairs were made.

Horse owners in the area are nervous, saying "a few bad apples" are jeopardizing a tradition that dates back generations.

"A lot of people are upset already because so much is going on, and they feel like they're being attacked and get rid of horses out of Acres Homes," said Jana Ramires. She brought her mare in for vaccinations today, saying she intends to teach her grandson how to ride.

The event was sponsored by the Human Society and Monty's Task Force, which aims to prevent the suffering of horses through education and increased access to low cost services.

"We prefer to reach out and get them the services we're providing rather than see a horse languish and deteriorate because they weren't well cared for," said Monica Schmidt of the Houston Humane Society.

The task force expects to host at least two more equine clinics this year.

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