Dognapping: 2 English Bulldogs stolen from home in North Houston

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Two English Bulldogs stolen from a home in north Houston

Two members of Hermer Vasquez's family, are missing. His English Bulldogs, Rocky, and Princess were stolen right out of his gated front yard in north Houston. Vasquez's kids have raised the dogs since they were puppies.

"They've had them since they were three months old. They've raised them and everything," said Vasquez.

Now, Vasquez's entire family is devastated because someone stole both dogs, and the entire crime was caught on his home surveillance camera. The surveillance video shows a man walking along Vasquez's gate with the dogs following, just before noon on Tuesday.

"He was walking back and forth right there and then made friends with them," said Vasquez.

Vasquez says once the dogs were out of the gated area, they went into another section of his yard. The camera captures the dogs briefly, but within 40 second the dogs are gone, and a car is seen driving off in the background.

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Surveillance video shows English Bulldogs moments before they were stolen

Vasquez said the man pried open his heavy duty 1,000 pound metal gate to steal the dogs.

"I would have been glad if he took something else, not the dogs. Other things can be replaced but dogs is something you grow attached to," said Vasquez.

Jen Swenson is the director of the English Bulldog Rescue Network in Houston, and said, Vasquez's story is all too common.

"They're the number one dog to be stolen and people like to showcase English Bulldogs, and it's best not to because they're so popular," said Jen Swenson.

Swenson said not only are they popular, the dogs are also expensive. She said once they are stolen, crooks try to sell the dogs on Craigslist. We found some English bulldogs going for $1,800 on Craiglist and puppies listed for $2,500.

"It can be preventable. Number one, is you just never leave them outside alone and like I said about showcasing them, it's best not to take them to the dog park and advertise them. You should always have locks on your gates," said Swenson.

Vasquez is offering a $2,500 reward, and hopes the thief or thieves are caught.

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