Super Debate: Should the Super Bowl be on Saturday?

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Super Debate: Should the Super Bowl be on Saturday? (KTRK)

Eyewitness news anchor, Erik Barajas is among the millions of Americans who will watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7th.

Erik is excited to see the Carolina Panthers face off against the Denver Broncos, but he has one wish (well, besides wishing the Texans had made it). Erik wishes Super Bowl Sunday was Super Bowl Saturday.

Today at work, Erik and Bob Slovak engaged in a playful debate on why the NFL should consider moving the big game.

"Moving the Super Bowl to Saturday would allow fans of all ages to see the end of the game," said Erik. Erik and his wife have 2 sons. Erik said, normally the boys are in bed by halftime.

Erik isn't the only one who wants Super Bowl Saturday to be a reality. There are several "Move The Super Bowl to Saturday" petitions and groups on Facebook and one man has even created a website, Move The Big Game.

People who support Super Bowl Saturday, have several arguments which include:

    high degree of absenteeism the Monday after the Super Bowl

    people who do show up at work, may be hung over at work on Monday

    non drinkers, may not be hung over, but they are still less productive because they discuss the game all day with coworkers.

While a Saturday game would make Monday a lot easier, Bob Slovak has a different view, and his position, is the one the NFL supports.

NFL spokesperson, Brain McCarthy told Sports Illustrated, "The concept of playing the Super Bowl on a Sunday has worked well for 44 years and we don't anticipate moving away from this tradition."

"Fans expect to see the Super Bowl on a Sunday, the day on which 89.2 percent of NFL games are played," said McCarthy.

Some of the NFL's other arguments include:

    Sunday is the most-watched night on television and a proven-ratings winner

    If you switched it to a Saturday, there would be one less day of revenue for the host city

Less revenue for the host city? That's probably not something Houston wants to hear since, the Bayou City is hosting Super Bowl LI.

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