Vandals hit east Houston neighborhood, shattering car windows

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Neighbors reported waking up to shattered car windows, Christine Dobbyn reports.

Houston Police were busy Sunday morning taking reports of vandalism from homeowners on Fleming Drive in east Houston. About a dozen neighbors reported waking up to shattered car windows and quite a mess to clean up.

Someone or a group of individuals shot at many car windows. One neighbor says she and her husband heard a noise around midnight that sounded like broken glass, but they didn't think anything of it until they saw all the damage this morning.

Another homeowner didn't notice the damage until she got in her car to go to the grocery store. She says as she backed up, she felt the breeze through the back window.

"I've had it four months, she's had her's a week before mine, the lady here had hers a month, that red car still has paper plates," Linda said. "I don't know if they were targeting newer cars they didn't do anything to this car. Or they were randomly having a party. I don't know what it is but it's sad, sad, sad."

Police talked with the homeowners who had damage. No arrests have been made.

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