Homeowner fights back, two suspects arrested in Seabrook

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Home invasion in Seabrook, Christine Dobbyn reports.

Brian Johnson says he had company over Friday night, five adults and four children, when four uninvited masked men arrived with weapons in hand.

"That's when I grabbed my gun. The first thing I grabbed is my gun and grabbed my friend and told him what was going on and after that we took the kids, put them in the bathroom, told them to turn the light off, shut the door and don't make a sound," Johnson said.

He adds that one man pushed the barrel of a shotgun through the door before he fired back at him. He says there were two more men, one carried a handgun, the other a machete and they demanded money.

During the gunfight Brian's friend, Raymond Hearne, was struck in the back and taken to Clear Lake Regional Hospital. Bullet holes can be seen from inside the home to the garage door.

"We're still in shock, trying to find out who these guys are," Johnson said. "I have no idea who they were to come in here randomly looking for money and start searching through my garage."

Seabrook police say the men ran from the scene but were followed by some of the victims. Two of the four suspects were arrested by police.

"They took the hard drive from my security cameras so I have no cameras and I was worried about 5 a.m. and picked up the kids," Johnson added. "I am in bed worried, what if they come back."

Noah Simpson and Tyler Edge were arrested and charged with aggravated robbery.

Police are looking for the third man who was carrying a weapon and the getaway driver.

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