Gravesite robbers targeting cemetery in Humble

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Thieves swiping cemetery flower vases to sell for scrap in Humble.

Lindsay Holcomb lost her father when she was just nine years old but still visits him often, 17 years later.

"I love football because of him. I love cooking because of him. You know there are a lot of things in life you go through and you wish they were there," said Lindsay Holcomb.

For the past year, every time Holcomb has visited her father's grave she has felt like something was taken from her, once again.

"You walk up and it stings. You know, we've already lost these people and you walk by and see it's not just my family's that have been taken," said Holcomb.

Dozens of graves with missing vases fill the Calvary Hill Cemetery in Humble. Lindsay's family has replaced the vase four times. Each vase costs $60.

Police say thieves sell the brass to scrap metal yards.

Antonio Fajardo works at Indio Scrap Metals. He says it's illegal to sell the bronze vases without proof of ownership.

"We know the vases are made out of bronze and we have to have a special notice from the owner," said Antonio Fajardo of Indio Scrap Metals.

Lindsay wishes the cemetery would do something. She has asked them to add overnight security so the crooks don't strike again and her father can rest in peace.

"We lost them already and now you're taking from them again, just reopening that wound so it doesn't feel like they're resting," said Holcomb.

A spokesperson for the Calvary Hill Cemetery sent us this statement:

    "The theft of bronze vases is an issue at cemeteries across North America. Theft of any kind is unacceptable, but thefts on cemetery property are particularly despicable. It saddens us that thieves are preying on cemeteries and gravesites to commit these crimes. We take safety and security very seriously and routinely evaluate the security needs of the cemetery. However, cemeteries, by their nature, are open to the public.

    We encourage all of our client families to let us know about any issues or concerns, so we may address them immediately. As the price of metal continues to rise, so does the theft of those metals. We hope that area scrap metal dealers will continue to be watchful for people selling bronze vases from cemetery property and will contact local law enforcement to report any suspicious activity."

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