Video shows drone's close proximity to cars in Galleria area

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Some people say the drone was dangerously close to traffic and could've easily caused a wreck. An expert says rules were definitely broken.

A passerby in the Galleria area took video of a drone flying over traffic there.

The owner of the cell phone was not happy about it, saying in the video "It's a lot closer than it looks, through traffic."

Eyewitness News showed the video to people at Buffalo Bayou Park.

Kimberly Worthington says, "Yes I would be concerned if it falls or someone loses control that can cause a major accident."

It's one of the hottest toys out there right now. From recreational use to big companies, most everyone has seen a drone somewhere.

Professional photographer Sebastian Aguilar said, "I was in California recently and there was a mysterious drone just flying over the beach and no one knew who it was. They are all over the place."

Aguilar was taking pictures at the Buffalo Bayou Park, a place you also may see drones.

Rob Quarantello is the owner of Space City Drones and says, "The challenge is really people who are flying them are not abiding by the rules."

Existing drone owners must register their drones by February 19 with the FAA or they could face a fine of $27,500.

Registered or not, though, he says the drone operator was not operating properly.

Quarantello adds, "Breaking multiple rules around people, buildings at nighttime."

Enforcing those rules is difficult and laws are still catching up with technology.

Worthington adds, "It should be regulated yes."

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