Vandals in a Jeep strike Alvin park in broad daylight

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Alvin police say they want to find the vandals recorded in this video, Marla Carter reports. (KTRK)

Alex Cruz loves taking her little ones to the park in her Alvin neighborhood.

"Every time it's nice out here. It's just back there so it's easy for them to go back there," says Cruz.

The park is conveniently just behind her house in the Mustang Crossing subdivision, but now she's a little nervous to let her boys play there.

Last week, a neighbor captured video of a Jeep driving in circles around the park, just feet from the playground.

"With stuff like that you just don't even want to take them to play outside," said Cruz.

No one was hurt but Alvin Police Department Lieutenant Tim Hubbard said it could have been worse.

"Luckily, there weren't a lot of children out but obviously that's the concern of the neighborhood and the homeowners and us a police department, if folks are willing to go out there, in broad daylight, with folks using the park," said Lt. Tim Hubbard, Alvin Police Department.

Alvin Police posted the alert neighbor's video on Facebook on Sunday morning.

"I was getting messages within two or three minutes of posting of possible suspects and things of that nature," said Hubbard.

Now that post may lead to an arrest.

"We've got a suspect at this point. Nobody's in custody but were following up on those leads and hopefully we'll get this resolved here pretty quickly," said Hubbard.

Cruz hopes to they get it resolved soon too so her boys can go back to the park and she doesn't have to worry.

Alvin police say because the Jeep is fairly distinctive, they believe someone will recognize it.

If you have any information about the incident or the vandals involved, contact Alvin Police Lieutenant Hubbard at 281-585-7106.

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