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Police: Ohio parents overdose on heroin in baby's hospital room

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Wesley Landers survived an alleged overdose, but his wife died while visiting the children's hospital. (KTRK)

An Ohio father who allegedly overdosed on heroin during a hospital visit to his sick baby daughter appeared on court Friday.

Wesley Landers survived the incident, but he's been charged with bringing a gun to the hospital.

The girl's mom also overdosed, and died in the baby's Cincinnati hospital room on Thursday.

One of the first things you see when you walk into the children's hospital is a sign listing the things their policy doesn't allow you to bring inside. "Weapons" is at the bottom of the list.

In Ohio, hospitals are not automatic no carry zones unless they have sign out front that clearly bans weapons.

Investigators say Wesley Landers doesn't have an Ohio concealed carry weapons permit, anyway.
Friday morning his attorney told the judge Landers had no intention of using the gun.

"With regards to the weapon, there was no harm intended with it," says Landers attorney, Christopher Kapsal.

WCPO-TV wanted to know how often weapons are actually found inside the Ohio hospital. Six reported cases of assault were found in police records in 2015, but none of them involved a gun.

A spokesperson says "Cincinnati Children's has a policy that guns are prohibited on the premises at all time, except for uniformed police."

In court Friday morning, Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Curt Kissinger described Thursday's deadly overdose as tragic.

"If the heroin epidemic has exhibited itself in a more tragic form, I haven't seen it," Kissinger says. "I hope to never see this type of case again."

Landers and his wife Mary Anne were visiting their 7-month-old daughter after she had reconstructive windpipe surgery.

Police say the girl and her older sister and now in the custody of their grandparents.

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