Village seal featuring Native American deemed offensive

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A controversial town seal showing a settler wrestling a Native American is facing a vote in New York (KTRK)

The seal for the village of Whitesboro in New York is raising the eyebrows of some residents who call the central image offensive. They're asking for it to be changed.

Officials tell station WKTV the image depicts Hugh White, the founder of Whitesboro, in a friendly wrestling match with a local Native American. They say it's supposed to show how white gained respect from the local indigenous people.

The controversial seal has changed slightly over the years, but the original image dates back to 1883.

Recent calls to change the seal have prompted a vote on a new seal. Residents will vote on a series of new images that could represent the town in the future. The ballot is not legally binding.

Mayor Patrick O'Connor said, "We want to just put an end to it once and for all let the residents have the say about what seal they want to represent them and their home and they're history."

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