Texans fans donate tickets to Texas Children's Hospital

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From painted faces to posing for pictures, some of the youngest Texans fans are behind the home team.

At Texas Children's Hospital, 15-year-old Cristian Beasley has spent months in a hospital room. Saturday, he'll be in a chair, on the front row of the bull pen.

"I was planning on making a sign saying J.J. Watt helped me swat cancer. You know his thing is the swat and because I only have two more months of chemo left," Cristian Beasley said. His leukemia is in remission and he will get to cheer the team on with his dad.

"Seeing your child go through cancer it has its ups and downs and when things are down and things like this happen, it really lifts things up and lets you know everything you are battling for is paying off," Dan Beasley said. "We're real thankful for the gentleman who donated the tickets to us."

A family is donating tickets because they'll be attending their relatives wedding on Saturday.

"This may be a once in a lifetime deal for them as well as the parents, something they will long remember," ticket donor Gary Ratliff said.

Jordy Tollett says the tickets could sell for $400 to $600 each.

"We'll ask one of the kids if J.J. gets one just get out there and handle it for us will you," Tollett added.

As the Texans have fought through the season Beasley has battled his way too.

"I think of it as perseverance. A lot of these children are going through some things with sickness and illness and we're just hoping they will persevere," Texans Ambassador JJ Moses said.

Cristian Beasley says he wants nothing more than to cheer Watt on to a win. He also has a little request when he finishes his last chemo treatment in a couple of months.

"I want him to be there at the finish line with me and celebrate," Cristian added.

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