Modeling studio shut down after alleged prostitution

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A modeling studio is shutdown after alleged prostitution, Christine Dobyn reports.

It's been promoted as a "nude modeling studio" and a "massage establishment", but investigators say the owner of the Miyun Studio was engaging in prostitution.

The studio that's located in a boarded home, along the 700 block of the Gulf Freeway, has been raided in busts by Houston police several times.

For the Gonzales family, who takes pride in their Glenbrook Valley home, the sight of pimps and prostitution is something they sometimes see in their neighborhood.

It hits even closer to home for other families and it's not just personal safety they worry about.

"My dad was trying to sell the house and he couldn't get what it was worth because of that place," Geneva Godinez said.

"Cleaning up communities starts with bringing good businesses into the community," Assistant Co. Attorney Julie Contiss said.

This location isn't the only one in the area.

After police are able to make an arrest, some businesses often reopen. A civil filing by the county attorney targets business and property owners. The goal is to prevent business owners from running a place of prostitution and property owners from renting to anyone who sells prostitution.

"In this case we think it was definitely warranted, Miyun Studio doesn't have any of the permits to operate any kind of massage business, they don't have permits to be a sexually oriented business," Contiss said. "I don't even know that they have an updated certificate of occupancy or some of those other types of permits."

The civil filing forces landlords to pay more attention and check for permits. Godinez says he hopes it's the last time for

"A good start for all the other ones around here. I've seen it shut down many times and it was always going back to business. Hopefully it will be the last time, we'll see," Godinez said.

Neighbors say they'll continue to do their part.

"We try to keep the yard looking good," Gonzales said. But he adds they need help, "They'll do what they want to do if the law don't crack down on them."

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