Apartment complex warning residents about bedroom intruder

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An apartment complex is sending out a warning after a man was found in a woman's bedroom exposing himself (KTRK)

A woman woke up to a man in her bedroom exposing himself. Now her apartment complex is sending out a letter warning residents about the encounter.

According to Houston police, a woman woke up in the middle of the night last week to a man in her bedroom exposing himself in her unit at the 9900 on Memorial apartments off International. Police say she yelled, ran outside and he took off.

"It's scary waking up someone doing that kind," said apartment resident Daniela Arias. "It's kind of weird."

The victim's front door was locked, but according to police there was no forced entry. They believe the man got in through an unlocked window.

Police say the woman described the intruder as a Hispanic male in his early 30's He's about 5'8" tall and weighs about 160lbs. He was seen leaving the apartment wearing a black shirt and black pants.

The complex is now reminding residents to protect themselves. But some say the warning shouldnt have been taken a week to send out.

With their rather intimidating dog Rock, Scott Slaughter and Natalie Mariscal arent scared. Add in their alarm sysetm and gun, and the crime hasnt changed their opinion of the neighborhood

"I still feel safe around here, said Slaughter. "I feel it's random."
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