Learn how long to workout to burn off Halloween candy

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Burning off Halloween candy calories (KTRK)

The kids probably brought home lots of candy from trick-or-treating, and you might be tempted to sneak some sweets when they're not looking. But did you ever think about how hard it is to burn that candy off, especially leading into the holiday season?

Brenda Boyd is the Regional Fitness Trainer with Orange Theory Fitness in Houston. She says it's time for us to be conscious of what we're putting in our mouths!

"Most Americans will gain 5-10 pounds from October through January 1st," explains Boyd.

With the Halloween candy lying around, it's more challenging.

"Most people, they put the kids to sleep, they have that craving, they can't take it, they have a bite or two, and it catches up," explains Boyd.

She says we need to put what we're consuming into perspective. To burn off a fun-sized Snickers Bar, Boyd says get ready to get moving.

"You have to run on the treadmill for 12 minutes at a 10 minute mile. That's a lot, and that's fast," says Boyd.

If you love the fun-sized packets of M&M's, Boyd says, "You have to do eight minutes on the strider, and your RPM is about 90 to 100."

Finally, if you snack on two Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, working off those calories will take some time.

"There's 220 calories in two peanut butter cups, and you have to strength train for 26 minutes, and that's heavy dumbbells. Ten pounds up or more for the upper body and 20 pounds or more for the lower body. That's a lot," adds Boyd.

Our goal? Boyd says stick with your workouts over the next few months.

"Three to four hours a week can transform your body."

When you work out, you're more likely to eat better. And if you can't say "no" to an unhealthy treat, take one bite.

"The second bite is going to taste just like the first bite," says Boyd.

Finally, eat before a party. A well-balanced, high protein meal will help us stay fuller longer -- and our hand out of the candy bucket.
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