Get those sneakers out of the gym and dressed up in style

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Dressed up sneakers are all the rage (KTRK)

Dressed up sneakers are all the rage right now. That means wearing your sneakers with a dress and with a more stylish outfit that definitely isn't athletic or athleisure wear.

So, Wardrobe Consultant and Fashion Blogger Valerie Dittner of says take advantage of this comfortable style with these tips.

First, when picking your sneaker, these aren't sneakers that are meant for the gym. These are stylish leather or canvas sneakers. A perfect example would be a pair of Converse. Also, if you're choosing leather for the fall, look for a darker leather, like an oxblood burgundy.

Next, have fun with it! You want to show your sneakers off, so make them a part of your outfit. Make sure they match what you're planning to wear. If you're unsure of where to start, try to add two casual pieces into a look. For example, a casual denim jacket and a dress would go great with a pair of sneakers.

Next, it's perfectly OK to have juxtaposition. So, with a pair of sneakers and jeans, dress up the top half. Wear a fun metallic blouse with a jacket and add a really cool satchel tote.

Finally, have fun with it and own the look. Make it a fashionable and intentional comfort!
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