Calling all artists! Live rent-free at this apartment complex

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Calling all artists! Rent-free apartments
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How would you like to live rent-free in a brand new apartment? ABC13's Pooja Lodhia and HTX+ finds out how that's possible.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- How would you like to live rent-free in a brand new apartment?

The Zocalo apartment complex in Spring Branch is looking for three visual artists willing to create public art in exchange for a free apartment and a small monthly stipend.

A panel of several local artists will be named as judges. The top winner will win a one-year residence and two others will be awarded six-month residences.

"You're changing lives. Not only the artist's lives but also the community around you and the families supporting it," explained artist and judge Gonzo247.

"No artist will tell you that it's easy. It's definitely not. It's challenging," explained photographer Theresa Escobedo, who plans on applying. "But to have the thought or potential to have a year's worth of housing covered and a studio space provided for you is a tremendous way to support artists."

Applications will be open to the public on Aug. 15.

The murals already on the property were done by local artist, Anat Ronen. Zocalo is looking forward to future artists adding color and beauty to the community.

Artists interested in applying can visit the Zocalo website.

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