Man holds 'You Belong' sign outside Islamic center

DALLAS, TX -- A Dallas man who held a sign of support outside a mosque says his "You Belong" message was prompted by hatred directed at Muslims as part of the recent presidential election.

Justin Normand said Wednesday that he stood near the Islamic Center of Irving last weekend because he wanted to do or say something to make it better.

Normand, who works for a sign-making business, produced a version that said: "You Belong. Stay Strong. Be Blessed. We Are One America." He held the sign last Friday and Saturday, for about 90 minutes each day.

In an undated photo provided by Justin Normand, he holds a sign of support outside the Islamic Center of Irving, Texas.

Justin Normand via AP

The 53-year-old Normand said he didn't know anyone at the mosque, but some members who saw his sign thanked him, even offering flowers.

"I am here to help you. I'm here to help my fellow man and you are put on this planet to help me. If you are not helping your fellow man, you need to evaluate that," Normand said.

"I think someone like him will inspire someone else to be more supportive and share that happiness with someone else," one woman said outside the mosque.

The Islamic Center of Irving previously has been the target of armed protesters.

WLS-TV contributed to this report.
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