Houston fitness studio advocates yoga for men

HOUSTON -- A Houston fitness studio is on a mission to make men a little more comfortable with yoga.

Revolution Studio in River Oaks and Memorial City is now offering free yoga classes to any man this November.

Co-owner Kim Syma told Eyewitness News it's part of their health initiative for Men's Health Awareness Month. They also plan to donate a dollar to the Testicular Cancer Foundation for every man who takes a yoga class. Syma said women outnumber men in her classes. She stressed men are missing out.

"Yoga has so many health benefits for both men and women. There is this misconception that it is just for women which is totally untrue. It's an incredible practice for guys. It helps with flexibility, keeps you injury free so you can continue to do those other athletic events and be in the gym. Be that active guy without experience pain," said Syma.

"Men tend to have tight hips so yoga helps to open that up which reduces low back pain. It's an all-around cross training tool to get you performing betters in other areas."

Michael Vail is a self-described yogi. He started yoga about 4 years ago and said he just fell in love with it and being around a positive environment. Vail told abc13's Steve Campion yoga is more than just work out, it's almost spiritual. He also stressed men should give it a chance.

"It just made me feel good. I was using muscles that I hadn't used before. I was conditioning myself to breathe better. It's just great," said Vail. "Get out of your own head. Any expectation that you have are gone. The best thing to do is to let it go and get on the mat. That's the hardest thing."

For more information about Revolution Studio's "Movember Madness," visit their website.