ABC13 crew captures driver going wrong way on I-45 northbound

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It was a scary sight for drivers this morning when they saw someone driving the wrong way on I-45.

ABC13's Courtney Fischer and photojournalist Linh Nguyen captured the wrong-way driver going southbound on I-45 in the northbound lanes with their flashers on.

They were on their way to another story when they saw the driver going the wrong way for more than five minutes.

Courtney said the driver had a few close calls but didn't hit anyone.

Nguyen called 911 before the driver finally exited safely.

"The driver stayed on the shoulder of the road closest to the HOV lane, then crossed over and made a U-turn around the Parker exit," Courtney said.

We're trying to gather more information about the driver and why he or she started driving the wrong way.
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