Frank Underwood, Harambe among those receiving votes for president in Harris County

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Jesus Christ got at least 183 votes in the 2016 presidential election in Harris County, that is, if you count one write-in vote that read "Jesus Christ Help Us."

Voters in and around Houston got very creative in their votes, records show. We asked the Harris County Clerk's election division for a list of all the write-in candidates.

The list, all 65 pages, includes Houston favorites, like J.J. Watt among the 9,754 total write-in votes.

Ted Cruz walked away the "write-in" winner, with more than 832 votes.

Misspellings were also very common, with at least 25 different versions of "John Kasich" (who got more than 500 write-in votes). People really don't know how to spell Condoleezza Rice, with about 30 variations.

In the "fictional character" category, Kermit the Frog, Mary Poppins, Frank Underwood and Darth Vader all scored votes.

Our Disney favorites (full disclosure: ABC13 is owned by Disney) showed up as well: Mickey Mouse (42), Donald Duck (7), Goofy (2), Minnie Mouse (1).

Phrases, like "Anyone Else Please", also racked up dozens of votes.

Other un-presidential things, like "Bag of Tarantulas" and "Bacon" got one vote each.

Beyonce got two votes.

People got interesting with candidates starting with "the", like "The Christ", "The Constitution", "The Great Meteor", "The Muffin Man", and "The Terminator."

"None of the above" registered at more than 100 votes.
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