Lance McCullers to Astros fan unable to return cap: Here's $50

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If there's one thing Houston Astros fans know about their team, it's that the guys sure are generous.

When they're not working with their charities to give back to others, they're inviting fans to World Series games, just like Lance McCullers Jr. did for those who were taunted by Yankees fans in New York.

It appears McCullers is on a roll.

His latest act of kindness involves helping out a fan who would have been left strapped for cash were it not for McCullers' clutch move.

Twitter user @Heyimangela_ posted Monday that she was selling an Astros hat for $50 because she bought the wrong size and claimed the store wouldn't accept her return, though she had the receipt.

"SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE THIS OFF MY HANDS," she begged in the tweet.

McCullers swiftly answered the call, explaining that all she needed to do was drop her name on the payment app Venmo, so he could transfer the money to her.

"You're all set!!! Blessings," McCullers wrote after the transaction.

Another fan thought it would be a good time to ask McCullers if he could help him out, too.

"Lance, can you Venmo me $50 for being a long suffering Rangers fan?" a man tweeted.

We don't know about that one. After all, he can't work miracles!
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