Worker accused putting objects in sausage at Johnsonville plant

SHEBOYGAN, Wisconsin -- A worker is arrested for allegedly putting objects in sausage at a packing plant.

Jonathan Lane, 27, worked at the Johnsonville Sausage plant in Wisconsin.

He is accused of placing a cigarette paper and later a wire connector in sausage.

WISN-TV reports a team leader became suspicious, shut down the production line and threw out the meat.

Prosecutors claim surveillance video showed Lane placing both items in the sausage.

He reportedly told federal agents of a third incident where he put items in sausage but has lost track of it and "prayed to God" that the machine or someone would have caught it.

Lane is charged with two federal counts of tampering with a consumer product, as well as acting with reckless disregard.

Johnsonville Sausage says Lane was a contract worker and in a statement said: "We applaud our food-safety teams for the processes they have in place to identify situations like this, so that no affected product leaves our plant."

Lane has a criminal record that includes convictions for burglary, theft and disorderly conduct. He faces up to 20 years of prison and could be fined up to $500,000 if convicted on the tampering charges.